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A cheaper way to cut the carbon footprint of a kerosene tank

A cheaper way to cut the carbon footprint of a kerosene tank

A cheaper method to reduce carbon emissions in a keroenerd’s gas tank, by using a catalytic converter cleaner, is on the horizon.

A paper by a team from the National Institute of Science of India, published in the prestigious journal Science, says the technology can be used in kerosen and fuel tank cleaner engines, and has a range of applications in automotive and power plants.

The paper, entitled ‘Catalytic Converter Cleaner for Fuel Tank Cleaning,’ is authored by Dr Raja Bhatia, Dr Ritu Kumar, and Dr Raju Kumar.

They say that, although the technology is currently limited to gas tank cleaners, it can be applied to any type of engine, and the fuel tank will be the main site for the cleaner.

The authors, who are in the US, suggest that the technology could be adopted in the automotive industry as well, as fuel tank cleaners have a low carbon footprint, and thus can be easily scaled up.

The paper is titled ‘An Approach for a Catalytic Converter Cleaning System for Gas Tank Cleaners.’

The team say that the process requires only two parts, one to collect the condensate from the kerosenerd, and another to convert it to a liquid.

It is a simple process that can be carried out in a few minutes, and there is no need for special catalytic converters.

They also say that a catalyser can be fabricated using cheap materials, which could reduce the cost of manufacturing by at least 10-15 per cent.

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