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‘Carnival’ will be discontinued after two years

‘Carnival’ will be discontinued after two years

Chennai, Feb 26 (ANI): Carnival-goers in the coastal city of Chennai will not be able to go to the seaside during the second year after it was set to be cancelled by the civic body.

The civic body announced on Wednesday that it will not proceed with the carnival after two year after being ordered to take up a new project.

“Carnivals have been held here in the past, and the idea was that they would come back after a year, but it is very difficult to get them back after two,” said N P Jain, a resident of Kollam, a seaside town on the outskirts of Chennai, where carnivals are held.

“The new project is a lot bigger than the carnivals.

It will be organised by an organisation called The Carnival, which is part of the government.”

Jain said the Carnival organisers were yet to decide whether or not the project will go ahead.

The civic body has asked the company to hold a public meeting to discuss the project.

The city has had two carnivals, the first in April and the second in August, the last of which was cancelled in August.

“We have decided to stop carnivals because there are so many other events that are taking place.

We have also decided to hold one after two and not go ahead with the next one,” said P P Sainath, the city’s secretary.

He added that he had been told that the Carnival would not take place for a period of two years after the civic bodies decision to scrap it.

“The new carnival is scheduled to be held in the summer of 2019,” said Sainathan.

He said the new project will be inaugurated in the next two years.

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