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Clorox restroom cleaner: The Next Step

Clorox restroom cleaner: The Next Step

Clorax bathroom cleaner:The Next Step, the makers of the highly popular restroom cleaner, has unveiled a new line of products aimed at cleaning up your toilet.

The product, dubbed the Cloroxy Fresh Clean, is available for pre-order at stores nationwide on Monday.

Clorx says it has been testing the product since August and has found that its cleaning function has improved significantly.

According to Clorz, the new product uses a high-tech vacuum cleaner to vacuum up and remove odors, bacteria, and bacteria-laden debris, and removes contaminants that can clog up your plumbing.

The new product comes in three different models: a basic model that includes a single tube, a full-size model with two tubes, and a super model that comes with four tubes.

The basic model costs $19.99 and the full-sized model costs nearly $39.99.

The products will be available in stores nationwide from September 17 through December 31.

According a Cloracast interview with ClorX senior director of product management, Eric Sauer, the company says that the Closet Clean is the most advanced cleaning product on the market.

The Clorcle Clean comes with a lifetime warranty, which is one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, according to Closest Brands.

In addition, Clorcast found that the product comes with the ability to clean the toilet itself.

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