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How to make your phone’s camera brighter without losing your photos

How to make your phone’s camera brighter without losing your photos

TechRadars headline: How to get the best out of your iPhone’s camera article The iPhone’s cameras are the best in the business, but they can get old fast.

Apple’s software has always been designed to make it easier to get your photos taken in high-quality, but it’s also made it harder for you to get a better shot.

Apple has been slowly rolling out software updates and tweaks that make its cameras brighter and more versatile, but for the most part they don’t make a big difference.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of them.1.

Use a wider aperture, not a wider focal lengthThe wider the aperture, the more light the lens can focus on.

But if you have a long lens or don’t like the way your photos appear blurred, it can make your shots appear a bit washed out.

To fix this, simply change your aperture.

If you’re shooting in RAW format, for example, you can also change the focus point from the front of the lens to the back.

If your camera has a fixed focus point, this can be done by changing the focal length.2.

Choose the right flash.

It’s all about the flash.

The iPhone and iPad have the same kind of flash, but the iPhone 5 has a flash that’s twice as bright as the iPhone 6’s, making it a good choice for those who like to shoot with them.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has an iPhone 6-powered flash, and the OnePlus 5 is a Galaxy S7-powered one.3.

Use the right lens.

The most important thing to remember when shooting with an iPhone is how big your aperture is.

If it’s too wide, you won’t be able to get close enough to your subject to make a good shot.

To make sure your lens is right for your shooting style, you’ll want to get an aperture wider than the widest you can get on your camera.

That’s why we recommend you choose an aperture that’s close to the widest aperture in your camera’s manual.

If the aperture is too small, you may be able just to make out the background, which is the main reason that iPhones have the widest cameras in the world.

The best way to do this is to use the lens with the widest focal length you can find on your lens, like the iPhone’s 35mm f/1.4 lens.4.

Focus at the right timeYou don’t have to wait until you’re on the other side of your subject before taking a shot.

Just keep the subject in view and the camera will automatically focus on it.

This works for landscapes, where you’ll see your subject and the background move as you take your shot.

The same principle applies to portraits and landscapes, as well.

But when you’re taking a photo, it’s important to make sure you’re looking directly at your subject when you take it.

If there’s any doubt about the size of your shot, simply move your subject a little bit to the side or back.5.

Focus in the right placeWhen you’re using a wide-angle lens, the best way for you and your subject is to look at it from different angles.

If, however, you’re not shooting from the same angle as your subject, then it’s a different story.

Instead of focusing on the whole scene, you should look at the image with different angles on each side.

If a shot doesn’t look right, there’s usually a way to fix it.

For example, if you’re working with a portrait shot, look to see if the background is too far away from your subject.

If so, you might need to focus in on it instead.

To fix an image that’s too blurry, you simply have to focus your shot in the correct place.

The trick is to focus on the center of the scene and your subjects, and then move the camera around to get them closer to the center.

This is easier said than done, because it’s difficult to tell where the edges of the shot are.

However, the closer you can focus your camera on the subject, the better it will look.

For example, to make the image that looks best on the iPhone:You can use the iPhone camera app to adjust your focus.

Simply tap the camera icon in the top right corner and then tap the lens icon.

If all the focus points are in the center, then your focus point is the center point.

If none of the focus Points are in your center, your focus points will be the edges around the edges, and so on.

The image will look great.

If one of your focus Points is out of focus, then simply move the focus Point to the other end of the image, and try again.

Once you’ve worked out the focus, the next step is to change the aperture.

In the iPhone app, you’ve probably already seen a preview of what your aperture will look like.

To set it, tap the gear icon at the top

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