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Man gets $600 for fixing carpet in a bath

Man gets $600 for fixing carpet in a bath

A Melbourne man who cleaned carpets and windows with a steam cleaner has been paid $600 to do it again.

The man, who cannot be named, said he spent about $800 to clean carpets in the Melbourne suburb of Pakenham.

He said the carpets had been left unsightly for months and it was time to do something about it.

“I’ve never cleaned carpettes before and I’m going to go through the whole process again,” he said.

“It’s been over two years and it’s got to come out the other side.”

Mr Ritchie said he bought the steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner from a store a year ago.

“So I was just going to do the carpet cleaning and I’ve got about two months to go and I’ll do the window cleaning and then the carpet cleaning,” he told the ABC.

“Then I’ll go to the cleaners and get some more steam.”

There’s a couple of other things that I have to do too, like do the carpettings, but I’m just going through the process.”‘

We want to do this’The man said he was a member of a community group that wanted to clean up their neighbourhood and he was going to give the group $400 each.

He would then give them a call and get the steam cleaning to come back in, he said, adding that the group had about two weeks to do what they wanted.”

We’ve been wanting to do that for a while, we want to clean everything, we don’t want to wait for a council to do anything,” he explained.”

The council would say, ‘OK, we’ll do that and then you can do it, but we’re not doing anything’.

“We’re trying to do everything together, so we’re going to have to work together.”


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