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Pool cleaner costs €20 to $35 depending on where it is purchased

Pool cleaners have become an increasingly common feature in households across Ireland.

According to Irish Water, the average price of a single unit of pool cleaner in the country is €20-35.

It’s been estimated that one in five households will need to buy more than one unit to cover their household expenses.

“Pool cleaners are becoming more and more common in Irish homes, with a number of households now using more than three different types of pool cleaners, depending on their specific needs,” said a spokesperson for Irish Water.

The spokesperson said that although some households may not be able to afford to purchase more than a single pool cleaner, they can still find a product that works well for their needs.

One example of a pool cleaner that is particularly popular is Lysol.

This product, which is manufactured by the Lysols Group, is widely used in Ireland and is sold by pharmacies.

Lysol is used in the home for cleaning, as well as other purposes, but has a cost of up to €20.

If you need more than just a pool cleaner, you can buy pool cleaner directly from Irish Water for around €20, or buy a pool cleaning product through a pharmacy.

For more information on the different types and sizes of pool cleaning products available, read our article on pool cleaners.

Irish Water said that Lysole has the lowest price on the list of pool cleaners, but is still the cheapest option for most Irish households.

However, you may need to look for a pool cleaners that are cheaper to purchase from a third party.

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