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The Best Laundry In Boston’s Backyard Is Now A $5,000 Laundromat

The Best Laundry In Boston’s Backyard Is Now A $5,000 Laundromat

TechCrunch founder Sam Altman revealed in a new interview with TechCrunch that he has a laundry service called Backyard Cleaning House, which is currently operating out of his back yard in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood.

Backyard cleaners are able to pick up items like clothes, towels, diapers, bedding, and more, and offer free laundry services to anyone willing to pay for it.

In addition to washing clothes, Backyard cleaners are also able to dry clothes, clean furniture, and prepare food, and it sounds like they’ll be adding a few other perks.

Backyards cleaners offer free access to a laundry machine, but the service costs $5 to $10 per week, depending on where you live, and there are also weekly fees for cleaning up trash and providing water and trash pickup.

It sounds like Backyard cleaning house will be opening up a few locations in the Boston area as it grows, and we’re expecting to see more in the near future.

We’re also looking forward to seeing a full-service laundry service in Boston, too, as it is a great way to help residents in need.

Check out the full interview below.

TechCrunch’s interview with Sam Altmans laundry service:

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