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The first time I met a real-life dog

The first time I met a real-life dog

Posted July 05, 2018 07:53:07A dog with a fake name has come to Australia and the first time he met a genuine Australian animal has been the highlight of a professional cleaning service.

The dog has been working as a professional dog groomer at a small business in the Hunter Valley for over a year.

He has been a customer of the company since 2014 and says it has changed his life.

“I don’t have any money to do the washing,” he said.

“It is very good.

I am very happy.

I do it because I want to give back to society.

I would never be able to do it if I had not had this opportunity.”

The business has been operating at a loss for two years but Mr Doolan is determined to change his life.

“I think we need to have a culture of giving back,” he told News.au.

He said the company’s customers are all from the same town as the dog.

“It has been amazing, I think, how many people have taken the time out of their day to come and give me money,” he added.

The company’s owner, Sam O’Connor, is a former police officer who was in the Royal Navy and who has a large number of retired colleagues from the military.

He said it was a wonderful opportunity for the company to be able give back.

“People just want to be in touch with animals and know they can come into the store and help out,” he explained.

Sam says he has been looking forward to meeting his new dog.

There are currently five different breeds of dogs available at the shop.

The owner said it is important to recognise the value of the dogs in the community.

They are very loyal and don’t need to be looked after and it helps to have the owner on hand to keep them company,” he continued.

As part of the training process, the owner is now also looking for an Australian citizen to be the first dog groomor.”

We have people from all over the world coming in and being part of this community, so it is a great way to have them here to help,” he shared.”

Our main aim is to have it a social thing.

The only time I will see the dog is if I am out with my kids and my partner.

“If you come in and say ‘Hi’, they will look at you and say hello.”

Mr O’Brien says he is grateful for the community’s support.

I just want people to know the difference between a human and an animal, he said, but he has to keep in mind the difference in the animals life and the dogs life.

It is a fantastic way to help the environment, and give back in a different way, he added, while encouraging other owners to adopt.

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