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This is the latest in a series of vacuum cleaner bag scandals to hit Australia

This is the latest in a series of vacuum cleaner bag scandals to hit Australia

Posted January 13, 2019 16:27:30The new $7.99 vacuum cleaner that is designed to disinfect air and water is costing consumers $10 more than the original model.

The latest incident involving a $7-a-bag vacuum cleaner in Australia was reported to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission last week, but it is still unclear if the company is still manufacturing the product or not.

The new vacuum cleaner is a small machine that comes with a plastic case and comes with an extra set of handles and a handle that can be used to open the case.

The new model also has an adjustable hose clamp that can hold up to four vacuum cleaners.

However, the ABC reported the new product was only available in the US and Australia until early next year.

A spokesperson for the company told the ABC the new model would not be available in Australia until the end of 2019.

“We are working closely with the Australian Consumer Law Enforcement Agency to ensure our products are compliant with Australian consumer law, and we continue to monitor the ongoing developments and investigations,” the spokesperson said.

In a statement on the company’s website, a spokesperson said the company was aware of the incident and had implemented additional security measures to ensure the safe operation of our products.

“It is important to note that while the new vacuum cleaners are made in Australia, we do not manufacture them in the United States,” the statement read.

“The US is a country where many of our customers, including the US government, have concerns that products made in the country are not safe.”

“In order to comply with Australian laws, the vacuum cleaners will not be made in our facility in Fremantle.”

The spokesperson also said the vacuum cleaner could not be manufactured in Australia due to the high cost of producing vacuum cleaners in the state.

“All products that come into Australia are manufactured in the USA and made in Fremont,” the company said.

“If a product is made in China, then it will be made there and if it is made elsewhere, it will need to be manufactured locally.”

The vacuum cleaner has been sold by the company for $10 in Australia.

The company’s CEO, Peter Beddoes, told the media he was not aware of any Australian complaints about the new models, which are sold by a number of outlets.

“At the moment, we are not aware that there are any Australian customers complaining,” Mr Beddos said.

The spokesperson told the BBC the company would be conducting a full review of its products to ensure they were safe.

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