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What to expect from the new West Coast steam cleaner (and the upcoming 2017 holiday season)

What to expect from the new West Coast steam cleaner (and the upcoming 2017 holiday season)

A West Coast company is on track to roll out its next-generation steam cleaner at least a year earlier than expected, with the first of the three units set to be delivered this year.

Key points: The West Coast’s new steam cleaner is due to be launched at the end of this monthThe first unit is due for delivery in JulyWest Coast’s biggest coal-fired power station, in the Northern Territory, is set to close after just four years of operationThe West Coast is on the cusp of becoming Australia’s most energy-intensive state, according to new modelling from the Commonwealth Bank.

“We expect it to be the first steam cleaner in Australian history to deliver its first-ever annual average of annual CO2 reductions,” West Coast Power said in a statement on Monday.

“As of July 1, we expect West Coast to have delivered at least one steam cleaner for every 30 tonnes of coal consumed.”

With this in mind, we are now looking forward to delivering the first units of the new steam-cleaning system in July 2019.

“A spokesperson for West Coast said the company was aiming to have one unit of the next generation steam cleaner ready for service by the end and that it would be able to confirm its rollout to the general public once that milestone was met.”

The new West Australian steam cleaner, the new model West Coast Steam Cleaner, will be the world’s first commercial electric steam cleaner to achieve annual CO 2 reductions of 1.8% compared to its predecessor,” the spokesperson said.”

In addition, the West Coast system is expected to achieve an additional 0.9% annual CO 3 reduction from 2020.

“The new model steam cleaner will deliver annual CO-e emission reductions of 3.2%, the spokesperson added.

West Coast is the first major coal-powered electricity provider in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to announce a new steam cleaning service.

The new system, called West Coast Cleaner 2, is being developed with the support of a $50 million government-backed Australian Strategic Energy Investment Fund (ASCIF), with funding from the Federal Government and the Department of Energy and Water Resources (DERR).”

The ASCIF funds projects that will support innovation, deliver cost savings and enhance efficiency in the supply chain,” the ACCC said in the statement.”

A key focus of the ASCIF funding is to deliver significant CO2 savings and increase efficiency through the use of a new system that maximises efficiency, reduces costs and provides for greater market competition.

“The West Australian Government has said the first batch of steam cleaners will arrive by July 2019.

West Australia’s coal-burning power station at Tofield has been operating since 2010 and is the largest coal-generating facility in Australia.

It produces approximately 1.6 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent every year.

The ACCC says the new system will reduce the average annual CO emissions of its electricity customers by up to 15.9 million tonnes.

The system is due in the second half of 2021.

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