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What you need to know about carpet cleaners and the best rental options

What you need to know about carpet cleaners and the best rental options

The carpet cleaner rental industry is a multi-billion-dollar business that employs thousands of people.

It’s the same industry that saw the demise of carpet cleaning, with carpet cleaners now competing against other cleaners for consumers’ money.

But a recent spate of carpet cleaners with questionable customer service, a lack of cleanliness standards and the possibility of mold contamination have all raised concerns.

The industry is facing a major test after a series of reports last week, including one from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) which found carpet cleaners are the most dangerous carpet cleaning contractors in the country.

In a statement, CIHI’s senior public health advisor said that the carpet cleaners who work in residential neighbourhoods are the biggest risk of mold and mould spores being transferred to a carpets floor.

“We have found carpet cleaning to be a highly dangerous and potentially deadly practice that poses a risk to the health and safety of tenants,” said the statement from Lisa Pimentel, director of research and public health for CIHI.

The carpet cleaning industry is also seeing a surge in the number of complaints.

In October, the carpet cleaning business in Toronto was the second-most complained about in the city, with more than 6,000 complaints.

That number jumped to 11,500 complaints in November, but it fell to 7,500 in December, before rising again to 11 and a half thousand in January, the time period that CIHI says it started its investigations.

In Ontario, there have been more than 5,400 complaints to the province’s carpet cleaning companies in the past year.

The biggest complaint was for carpet cleaners in Toronto, with 6,200 complaints, followed by Kitchener-Waterloo, Mississauga and Brampton, according to data from the province.

In Brampton alone, there were more than 3,200 carpet cleaning complaints, which is almost double the number from a year ago.

“It’s just not safe to use any carpet cleaner,” said John Vickers, a senior consultant at the Toronto-based company Pectoral Cleaning, which specializes in carpet cleaning.

“A lot of carpet cleaner operators are using them for carpets, which are not good carpets for carpet.”‘

Carpet cleaning is a horrible business’Pectoral is one of a handful of carpet-cleaning businesses that has been under fire recently.

CIHI found that in the last year, at least nine carpet cleaners have been arrested, charged with fraud, and faced multiple charges.

The Toronto-area carpet cleaning company, which employs about 200 people, is also one of three carpet cleaners that recently announced it was closing its doors.

In a statement to CBC Toronto, the company said it’s ending the carpet cleaner business because of the concerns about the carpet-cleaners.

“Carpets are the only material in a carpet cleaner’s product that does not need to be washed,” the statement said.

“There is no way to guarantee the carpet will be safe for a tenant to use, so carpet cleaners should be used for carpings that are not safe for people to use.”

The company’s statement said the carpet cleaners are the “most dangerous carpet cleaners” in the industry.

“The carpet cleaners we work with are not trained to properly handle carpets,” the company’s release read.

“If they are, it is because they don’t know what they’re doing and that the carpets floors are not cleaned properly.”

The carpet cleaner industry is booming in Canada, with a reported 6.3 million carpets being cleaned last year.

However, CIHI found that only 1.5 per cent of the carpents in a typical carpet cleaner were tested for mold contamination.

CIHHI’s data showed that there were 7,822 complaints about carpet cleaning across Ontario.

“These types of concerns have made carpet cleaners a target for the carpet industry and carpet cleaning is not a very safe business,” said Pimenter.

The industry is seeing a rise in complaints, with some people being charged with mold contamination, even if they’ve never seen the carpet before.

In the past week, a Toronto couple has been charged with contaminating a carpet by placing a small amount of mold in the carpet.

In another case, a Calgary couple was charged with using carpet cleaners to damage the carpet of a Toronto apartment, while another couple was accused of putting mold in a Toronto condo.

According to CIHI, the number and severity of mold problems is increasing because of carpet washing’s growing popularity.

CIHE has also warned that carpet cleaning and carpets’ safety could be jeopardized if carpet cleaners use harsh chemicals.

“Mold spores are not easily contained,” said David Pimente, director for public health research at CIHI and a co-author of a report on carpet cleaners.

“They can spread easily in the environment and in a household, and that’s why we’ve seen such a dramatic

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