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When will the new Fantastik Cleaning lady be ready?

When will the new Fantastik Cleaning lady be ready?

The Fantastika Cleaning Lady is one of the newest additions to the fuel injectors.

She was introduced on Tuesday, September 12. 

The new lady will be part of the fleet of fuel injectory cleaners, which is a small unit that is used to remove oil from the fuel system of a vehicle. 

“The FantastIK Cleaning ladies are a very important tool for the oil and fuel industry,” said Marcie Calkin, president and CEO of the Canada Fuel Industry Association.

“They help remove oil and remove residue from the vehicle so that it’s free of contamination.

And it’s a much better quality of service than what you see now.” 

The fuel injectories are a key part of fuelling a vehicle, but the Fantastike Cleaning Ladies are also a key component of fueling cars.

They are part of a system called the Oil Filter System. 

According to the Fuel Pipe, which manages the fuel flow, the oil filter system is one that is designed to ensure the quality of the fuel and that there is no residue from contaminants. 

At the time of the program’s launch, there were two Fantastikes in operation in Canada.

The new Fantasta Cleaning has the capacity to clean up to 1.8 million litres of oil per day, or nearly 4 million litres per day.

It also includes a special dispensing unit that can clean up a fuel system up to one kilometre in length.

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