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Woman accused of killing husband’s dog in driveway

Woman accused of killing husband’s dog in driveway

A woman is accused of fatally shooting her husband’s black Labrador puppy in the driveway of their North York home on Friday, police said.

The dog, named Bubbles, died in the backyard after the incident.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was charged with second-degree murder.

The owner of the home, who was not identified, said the dog had been “running wild” for weeks.

“She kept her leash on the dog and just kept running wild,” the owner told CBC Toronto.

The family said Bubbles was “a very loving dog.”

“We love him very much,” the woman’s sister, who is not identified in the media, told CBC.

“I’m just trying to come to terms with it and get some closure and hopefully it will be over soon.”

The family of the dog is in shock.

“It’s really hard to even begin to process that,” said the sister, Tamara Cuff.

“This has been a big part of our family for a long time, and it just completely blew up in our face.”

The dog’s owner told police that he shot Bubbles in self-defence after his girlfriend got angry with him for “screaming at him” in front of his children.

“The dog jumped on me,” the boyfriend told police, according to police.

“He jumped on my head, and I shot him.”

The couple said Bubbs was “uncooperative” when they tried to calm him down, and that the dog “didn’t want to go back to the house.”

“The way he was behaving, he was barking and jumping on us,” the dog’s father, David Cuff, told The Canadian Press.

“And then when we got out of the house, I just threw him on the ground, and the dog was dead.”

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